Wednesday 26-10-2016
Musical Medballs

Musical chairs but with medicine balls instead! If you want to get real crazy, make everyone travel around by frog hopping or duck walking.
Sumo Deadlift
Find 1 RM


6 x 2@90%


Team WOD

The Bar Can't Touch The Floor

Teams of Four

40 Handstand Pushups
100 Pullups
100 Bear Complexes
100 Knees to Elbows
40 Handstand Pushups

*One partner working at a time
*The partner hold the bar has to extend his/her hips and knees
*Every time the bar touches the floor the whole team does 25 burpees at the end of the workout
Puppy Dog Shoulder Variation: 3 Min
Saddle Pose: 2 Min
Dragon Pose: 1 Min
Lizard Pose: 2 Min